2R COULEUR Professional Colourist

Professional Colourist

  The Designer’s imagination envisages the plastic piece’s SHAPE
The Converter’s creativity can bring it to LIFE
Our colours give it MEANING

Responsiveness. Expertise. Closeness. Creativity.This is what we give to our clients.


  • We are a team of experienced colourists who offer comprehensive colouring solutions for cosmetic packaging to plastic converters.
  • This is a flexible production tool which allows for swift responses to the client’s needs.


  • Our colorimetric-specific devices along with our colouring expertise allow us to create colours in a timely manner using optimised dyeing formulae.
  • Continuous monitoring ensures the dyes remain consistent and reproducible from one batch to another.


We are a tightly-knit team that guarantees our clients have direct contact with and swift responses from us.


We have an extensive library of colours developed for cosmetic packaging and are constantly striving to break new ground.

Coloriste de métier aux valeurs de : Réactivité, Technicité, Proximité, Créativité