About us

2Created in 1992, our company’s mission is to develop colours, manufacture and market colourants and additives for plastic materials utilised in various fields. We have specific expertise in dyeing polymers intended for COSMETIC PACKAGING.

Mastering colour is essential for industries and organisations that design, produce, convert and employ dyed products.
Colour plays a strategic role in the positioning, image and quality of the product. Colour must therefore be mastered in its creation and application as well as its testing, acceptance and reproduction methods.
As professional colourists we know how to:

  • Create colour
  • Sample the colourant for approval
  • Produce the colourant for conversion
  • Advise et assist the converter during the colouring project

Coloriste de métier aux valeurs de : Réactivité, Technicité, Proximité, Créativité