These are products which provide the plastic material with specific properties. They can be used alone or combined with colourant.
The main additives developed by our company imparts numerous properties to the various plastic materials:

  • Effect : shimmery, pearly white, iridescent, phosphorescent, fluorescent
  • UV andweather resistance
  • Filter for UV protection of cosmetic content
  • Heat protection during conversion and in recycling
  • Reduction, prevention of shrinkage cavity
  • Injection demoulding, extrusion lubrication
  • Fog and static resistance
  • Laser markability
  • Added fragrance
  • Biocidity
  • Thermochromism, photocromism

Since most additives are heat and shear sensitive, we recommend using additives in liquid form. This also allows for the additive to be better distributed throughout the plastic material, even in low dosages.

Coloriste de métier aux valeurs de : Réactivité, Technicité, Proximité, Créativité