Dosing material

Being a professional colourist , means offering dosing systems with the following benefits :

  • Simplicity : swift system assembly and colour change
  • Reliability and precision : small dosage repeated over time
  • Versatility with respect to conversion techniques (Injection and Extrusion)
  • Neatness  of the equipment (1 colour =1 hose). System is waterproof
  • Economical  investment

We offer two types of pumps and packaging, depending on the method of conversion used, target dosage accuracy and the converter’s wishes.

The MEDIACOLOR Peristaltic Positive Displacement Pump from REMATIQUE BOITIER
Advantages :

  • No colourant mess left by the moving mechanical pieces
  • No mixing of the various colours used in rapid succession

Easy to clean – the design of the pump’s chamber, comprising two shells and a removable rotor, makes it easy to change the hose. Since the pump is controlled by the injection moulding machine, the colourant is dosed from the beginning of the material’s dosage cycle for as long as the screw recoils.

In extrusions, the pump is controlled by the extruder.





The peristaltic gravimetric mobile MC pump from MOVACOLOR

Same advantages as the positive displacement pump but with the ability to provide highly precise and reliable liquid colourant dosing (0.1 % or less).



POLITAINER TM Recyclable Plastic Packaging from PROMENS:

Ever mindful of environmental constraints and aware of problems in the disposal of metal containers, our company offers standardised plastic recyclable packaging for the packaging of liquid colourants.

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