Liquid colourants

Our colouring system incorporates :

  • The product : a finely-ground liquid pigment dispersion suitable for most polymers and converting procedures.
  • Reliable and precise dosing material : the programmable peristaltic pump and its accessories (the pump's chamber, hoses, fittings and stirrers) make it easy to change the colour without having to clean the pump, by simply changing the hoses (En savoir +)
  • Technical and colorimetric support : we offer the option to install and provide training on the dosing system and the creation of colours directly on the client's machine.

Our range of liquid colourants comprises:

Liquid Colourants for Converting Plastic
Formulae tailored to converter's specifications.

Standard Single Pigment Liquid Colourants
Standard dyes stored at the converter's workshop where he/she quickly creates his/her own colours based on suggestions and approaches relayed by our laboratory.

Formulae Specific for Liquid Resins
Formulae intended specifically for colouring Plastisol, PVC Coating, Polyurethanes (Reaction Injection Moulding), Polyester Resins (casting), Silicone Resins (Liquid silicone rubber) and Epoxy Resins.

Bio Colourants
We have developed pigment dispersions composed of plant pigments and biodegradable, green chemistry products that comply with current environment legislation.

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