PANTONE Colour Formulae

To complete our colouring options, we offer PANTONE colour formulae, which can be produced directly by a converter.


As the head of a colouring project of a new plastic piece, you want to act quickly in submitting a colour palette to your Marketing Department and clients; a palette which, once approved, will put you ahead of your competitors and give you the edge on conquering new markets.

2R COULEUR can make this happen easily and quickly with our online process that will save you time called PANTONE Colour Formula.

Just choose the desired PANTONE colour from the online catalogue, then fill out the PANTONE colour request form. This will be sent online to the 2R COULEUR laboratory then feedback on the colour formula closest to the pigment's target is provided. (Learn more).

These formulae are derived from our company's computerised colorimetric system or directly from our colour library since several PANTONE colours have already been used on various plastic materials; this is particularly the case for Grilamid TR90 polyamides, polyester, Pebax and technical polymers. These resins are widely used in the production of eyeglass frames and recreational goods as well as the watch and printing industries.

Clients will therefore be able to create their own colours more cost-effectively in their workshops by choosing basic colourants according to their application, then submit them for approval testing and prepare them for potential pre-production. Upon approval, the clients can proceed to directly dye the final piece by simply using a precision balance and propeller stirrer.

For months, this "colouristic" approach has been tested by some of our cosmetic clients and they greatly appreciate the money and time they have saved.

2R COULEUR hopes to develop it to the benefit of other sectors in the plastics industry, particularly abroad.

Coloriste de métier aux valeurs de : Réactivité, Technicité, Proximité, Créativité