Our savoir-faire

Colour is a vital visual language. . It influences our sense of perception by acting on our cultural referents and physiology. The colour of your plastic object is the expression of your brand and its values.

La COSMETICS is, essentially, a field of innovation and creativity.
Envisioning and desiring a specific colour for packaging is sometimes met with difficulties in acquiring the colour in the chosen materials as well as other industrial and production obstacles; this translates into financial and time losses.

As professional colourists, we are with our clients every step of the way in their project as we:

  • Listen and advise in order to meet the colouring request.
  • Ensure promptness, expertise andcompliance for the colourant’s approval.
  • Ensure responsiveness, flexibility andreproducibility regarding the colourant’s production.
  • Advise and assist in the development of the colour and use of the colourant.

Coloriste de métier aux valeurs de : Réactivité, Technicité, Proximité, Créativité