Pantone Formula

As professional colourists we can quickly provide our clients with PANTONE colour formulae for various plastic materials.
Certain project managers, especially overseas, wish to create colours in their own laboratories or workshops in a timely fashion in order to submit them to their Marketing Departments or their own clients.
We offer our clients single pigment-based colourants along with a simple weighing and stirring apparatus which will allow them to create PANTONE colours by mixing the components of the formula submitted, in accordance with the proportions indicated. The desired colour is achieved by converting the polymer with the recommended dosage of colourant.

This makes it possible to create multiple colours for submission and potentially, following their approval, kick-start pre-production, all within a very short period of time, prior to even receiving the final colour for production,

The following is the procedure:

  1. The client chooses the PANTONE colour from the online catalogue (learn more).
  2. The client then fills out the PANTONE colour request and sends it to us via e-mail.
  3. Our laboratory will then respond via e-mail with the request and photo of the colour guide, thereby providing the formula approach corresponding to the chosen reference, the indicative utilisation rate, as well as information on the specifications.
  4. The client him/herself creates the colour.

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